Review: No Fear in Love

              `No Fear in Love` is a compassionate book on loving others before bringing them the gospel. Author Andy Braner whole-heartedly believes this, and brings it out brilliantly in this book. The book was written especially for teens, but it is perfect for anyone interested in spreading the gospel.
               Andy Braner has spent over 15 years working with high school and college students. Pondering such questions as, "Did Jesus really walk the earth?" (Pg. 10)  The student will learn how to first love others, then bring them the gospel without using apologetics or stating your personal theology. (pg 12)
               The author gives a list of 10 Fear Factors; #1 being the worst (Public Speaking) and #10 being somewhat standard (Thunder and Lightening). Fear of death comes in at #2. As Comedian Jay Leno says, " I guess we'd rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy." (pg 27)
                I believe you, the reader, should buy this book because it explains why we need to love others first, before presenting the gospel.
This would make a great book club read. I believe it would also make for great conversation starters.
                My favorite quote is: `What would the world look like if we laid down our fear of "those people" to just begin living with people, not at them." (pg 14)
                The author's hope is that the reader will become a gentler, more caring and more compassionate follower of Jesus. (pg 17) Andy says we've created Spiritual Country Clubs instead of Spiritual hospitals.
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