Flash (Rachel Anne Ridge)

                  "Flash" a homeless donkey teaches about second chances. This 228 page book is a memoir about author Rachel Anne Ridge and her donkey. To have an animal take first place is rather unique, I think. However, the cover is how I chose the book.
                    I think donkey's are one of the most beautiful creatures God made. So I was pleased with the pictures dispersed throughout the book. I loved how Grayson encouraged his dad to keep the donkey. Maybe bordering on smart-alecky persuasion, but not really.
                    I tend to judge books by their covers and this one gets 5*. Just looking at the cover picture I imagined what it was about. A fun read! This book was a book of comfort. Rachel makes a point about her donkey staying out in the sleet, becoming a frozen mess, when shelter was at hand. She poses the question, "How many times do we prefer to stand outside in the cold and sleet instead of entering into shelter?"
                     I recommend this book to women who are trying to find their way. It's in the waiting that we find the most grace. "He is with you every step of the way. Always."

A funny, engaging memoir about a pet with a personality as big as Texas.

Media Questions:

(1) Why do people abandon donkeys, and what do you DO with a donkey once you have one?

(2) Do you think God can really “speak” through an animal, like a donkey, dog or cat?

(3) How does Flash demonstrate overcoming the fear of failure?

FLASH 1st chapter/PDF

Home Sanctuary

Rachel Anne Ridge

Rachel speaks about Flash

Rachel on Instagram

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from Tyndale Publishers.


Dee said…
I have to admit, I am also drawn to a book either by the picture on the cover or the title. Sometimes both.

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July... :)
Sandee said…
Animals are such great comfort and I do believe they communicate with us. We just need to listen.

Sounds like a great read.

I'm sorry you're having trouble commenting on my blog.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Grantham Lynn said…
Love it and I want it. I used to party with Rachel Ann when I started my blog. I loved her inspiration. I know Flash. I would love to read his story. Thanks for sharing this!
Grantham Lynn said…
Happy July 4th. Hope your having a great day. XXOO

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