"Equiping the Saints"

 Dear Bloggy Friends:

       I am so `Pumped`!!   Athens is having a `Transformed` Conference. Just 15 minutes from where I live. Christine Wyrtzen (Daughters of Promise) will be one of the many speakers in Athens, Ga. (June 19 & 20)

Usually these types of conferences are in Atlanta! I do not drive in ATL. Read: Do Not. So I wouldn't be able to attend. There will be top-named speakers; including Dr. Mel Blackaby, Christine Wyrtzen, Cindi Wood, Pastor Kevin Daniel, and Dr. David Holt.  Just 15 minutes from my home. WooHoo!! Yes, I am going. I signed up early so I could be under the teachings of Christine Wyrtzen. I've only heard of a couple of the speakers> I'm sure they'll all be awesome!

Meet Christine Wyrtzen: Daughters of Promise
Meet Dr. Mel Blackaby: FBC Jonesboro
Meet Cindi Wood: Frazzled Female
Meet Moderator:  Pastor Kevin Daniel
Meet: Pastor (Dr.) David Holt

More Info:

Online Registration: www.asmwa.org/Transformed

On-Site Registration: On-site registration is available. Space in some sessions is limited. Register early!

Please pray for Christine Wyrtzen, she had to cancel her class. Thanks!
UPDATE: I have the most wonderful chance of meeting Christine.
Thank you for praying! Her foot looks so much better. Blessings!

I did have one unsettling thing happen at the conference.
I was talking to a lady about me making by blog more Christ focused.
She said, `Jesus always wants to be the center. Doesn't He?
Without speaking I said ,`YES`. Later, I realized we were looking at that statement from different eye-lens. My, Yes...Jesus wants to be the center of our hearts, even tho He came as a servant to all.


Hi Michelle, I do hope yuou make some of these tote for your luncheon. The ladies will love them. I am happy for you. I hope you can attend the conference. P.S. I would make your post area wider. The sidebar is taking a lot of space.Happy weekend.
Michelle F said…
Hi, Linda!!

You are so sweet. Thank you so much for your continued support!
I'm not sure if I my adjustments are correct. xoxo
It looks better. I see that our border around your signature is back.
I thought we turned that off? Maybe it's because your background is cream. Have a great Sunday!
Michelle F said…
I think we may have turned it off.
I am ok with it, tho.

Have a blessed week!

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