Review: Under Magnolia

List Price: 15.00
ISBN: 9780307885920
Release: March 31, 2015
352 Pages


            "Under Magnolia" by author Frances Mayes is a very compelling, heart-warming memoir. This is a book that starts out fun even from the preface. The author uses colorful words and colloquialisms such as "flap-a-doodles" which sounds like pancakes to me. Can a pancake be kite-sized?(pg. xix) Excepting the use of minor curse words, this would be an excellent read for the young adult to the older individual.
            As I read of South Georgia, I thought of parts of north Florida where I spent time while growing-up with so many warm, welcoming memories. I remember one particular time when an owl was in our attic.    We lived in a two-story house. My dad had added a 1/2 bathroom to the upstairs and the wall did not go all the way to the ceiling. When we went into the bathroom the owl would look out at us. I do not remember how we got the owl out of the house.
               I was especially interested in reviewing this book because of my husband's ties with south Georgia. After reading this very honest, funny book about how family defines us. I anticipate reading Francis' beloved books about Italy.
               This book did a decent job of entertaining me but I would have liked it better without the use of curse words and needless portrayals.

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