Review: The Resurrection Of A Blue Butterfly

                In `The Resurrection Of A Blue Butterfly`, Missionary Elsa Williams has searched for Jasper Leroy Smith many years. Elsa was a wee child the last time she saw Jasper.
               Author Misty Alfonso opens her ebook with a great lead-in to scene and character development. Her short ebook is the perfect read following Kristy Cambron's `Hidden Masterpiece` series. Both Misty's `The Blue Butterfly` trilogy and Kristy's `Hidden Masterpiece` series are set during WWII and both are written from the Biblical Worldview.
               As a debut ebook, I felt Misty created a wonderful work by including miracles during WWII. This encourages me to read more of her works as I look forward to her next ebook, `Broken Wing`,  due to be published Spring 2015.
                I believe the overall message is, "We should be willing to help all others, even strangers. We do not know when we may help an `angel unaware`.
              I recommend this ebook to readers of historical fiction and nostalgia.

You may read Author Misty Alfonso's interview on New Horizon Reviews.

You may purchase `The Resurrection Of A Blue Butterfly` on Amazon

Author Bio:

               Misty lives in Georgia with her husband, Joey, and their children. She has always dreamed of being an author. For as long as Misty can remember she has been writing poems, songs, and journaling. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time with her children and her new grandson. As well as being in a gym watching a game of volleyball while her husband coaches it.

Disclaimer: I borrowed this ebook from Amazon Prime for my honest review.          


Marilyn said…
I enjoyed reading your review this evening. I may check out this book. Thanks for providing this blog. I appreciate you.
Sandee said…
You do excellent reviews. If I've not told you that before then I'm telling you now.

Sounds like a wonderful read. Some authors are a must read no matter what they write. This sounds like such an author.

Have a fabulous day. :)

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