How To Make A Strong Reader

Popular children's authors are coming together to create (12) original short stories exclusively for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge ( - a free, online program to help kids stay reading during the summer vacation months in order to avoid the learning loses called the 'summer slide'.

Readers that have been following my blog for any length of time know I am a strong proponent of reading. Although I did not become a firm reader until recent years I believe my love of reading began as a child. I always enjoyed reading those energetic stories of Dick and Jane. Which led to reading to my children as they grew and now for my own pleasure. 
This summer there are several ways Scholastic can help your child(ren) avoid the `Summer Slide`. 

*Set up a new 2015 reading world record: Students can earn digital badges and rewards, as they help set a new world record.

*Read along with original short stories: Each original short-story has a `read along` audio component for children of all ages and reading levels.

*Dynamic Creative Writing Game: `Innovation Machine` story starter game, powered by Energizer (visit Twelve winners will each receive a set of 12 signed books from the participating authors.

(Twelve) Scholastic authors will create the first-ever, collection of summer short stories that kids can "unlock" throughout the summer.

#This year's theme is "Power Up and Read," sponsored by ENERGIZER®

#U.S. Governors and Governors' Spouses Sign on as Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge "Reading Ambassadors".  Learn more about the Reading Ambassadors Program.

#Parents: Free Reading Resources for the Whole Family

#Kids: Read More Than 100 Million Minutes (cumulative) and Break the World Record for Summer Reading

#Everyone's A Winner This Summer: Kids Read, Parents Get a Free Kids ebook, Students Keep Skills Sharp all Summer, Top School Gets a Visit from Dav Pilkey


Maggie McGuire
Vice President, eScholastic, Kids
and Parents Online Channels

Authors include:

·        R.L. Stine
·        Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pierce (co-authored)
·        Gordon Korman
·        Michael Northtrop
·        Varian Johnson
·        Jude Watson
·        Blue Balliet
·        Patrik Henry Bass
·        Roland Smith
·        Tui T. Sutherland
·        Lauren Tarshis
·        Wendy Wan-Long Shang

For more informationSummer Reading Challenge

Student registration, for summer 2015, is now open.

To Get Your Child Involved: (Please Contact)

Sara Sinek

Mike Barrett

Disclaimer: Writer of New Horizon Reviews is not familiar with all of these authors. Parents, please use your own discretion which books/authors are appropriate for your child. Thank you!


Linda Kay said…
Michelle, I'm always pleased to see that there is promotion of reading for kids. My grandson and daughter read together each evening..he reads something, then she reads something to him.
Sandee said…
I remember getting my son interested in books when he was very young. Then my granddaughter. Both are avid readers to this day. I'm so happy about that.

What a great thing to do for the summer months. Love this.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

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