Sunday Praise (27)

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Linda Kay said…
Delightful, Michelle. That's a very interesting picture book
Sandee said…
That was indeed delightful. Linda Kay found the exact word. Loved the music.

Have a fabulous and blessed day and weekend. ☺
Miss Kathy said…
LOL--Hi Michelle! Thanks for posting!! Joy!
Michelle F said…
Your welcome, Kathy!
Good luck with the sale of your book :)
Carol Z said…
Enjoyed my visit here. The glass exhibit was at Fairchild Garden in Coral Gables, just south of Miami.
Dee said…
What a wonderfully intriguing book trailer. I truly enjoyed it.

I hope you're having a great weekend... :)
Grantham Lynn said…
This sounds like a delightful book. I would love to get for my grand children. Thanks for sharing this.
Have a wonderful week.
bj said…
Very nice post...

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