Review: 30 Events That Shaped The Church

           This is the companion book to "60 People Who Shaped The Church". This volume shows the growth of the church, but also reveals how Jews and Christians were hated from the very beginning. Along with the rise of the church was the increasing control of the church in Rome.
            I agreed with several things author Alton Gansky wrote. I found other things enlightening, while disagreeing with some of the points the author brought out. One thing I found enlightening is on pages 172 - 173. "There are many today who think the phrase `separation between church and state` appears somewhere in the Bill of Rights or in the Constitution. It doesn't. What the First Amendment did, and what Jefferson agreed with, was to ban the federal government from creating - establishing - a marriage between the federal government and any religion."
             The reader might be interested to note that several places throughout the book the author capitalizes the word "Church", referring to Catholicism. Pope Boniface VIII (1294 - 1303) believed no one is saved apart from the Roman Catholic Church and obedience to the Holy Father (pg. 99). That idea still persists.
               Today, one billion people claim to be Protestants. In the U.S. 55% of the Christians are Protestant. The beginnings of the early Baptists is thought to have been in 1609, and has matured over the past 5 centuries.
               This author did hold my attention, as I underlined several interesting passages. The information was presented in a cohesive, appealing matter. I feel the author successfully conveyed historical truth.
                My beliefs concerning Christian doctrine are found on pages 196 - 197. (1) The inerrancy of Scripture (2) The virgin birth of Jesus and His deity (3) The necessity of substitutionary atonement (4) The bodily resurrection of Christ and (5) The bodily return of Christ. These are the Five Fundamentals of Christianity.
                I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in learning about church history. It is not a comprehensive study, as it only references 30 events.

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