It Is Well (sung by: Kristene DiMarco)



Sandee said…
Beautiful and then some. Not heard this before. I listen to a lot of spiritual music too.

You need to visit Driller. He posts some great videos too. Here's his link and tell him I sent you. Driller's Place

Have a blessed day. ☺
That is a beautiful song, thank you for sharing it.
Michelle F said…
Sandee, thank you!
I visited Driller's Place.
He has a nice site.
Thank you for recommending it!
Michelle F said…
Debby, thank you!
Have a nice evening!
Linda Kay said…
A lovely song for this late afternoon, while I am reading and commenting. Nice.
Hello Michelle, such a lovely song, full of inspiration.. You are on a roll of learning and applying new things to your blog. I am so proud of you.
Very nice, anytime. Thanks!
bj said…
wonderful....I love this song.