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Not Too Addicted To Reading...

Books I am reading:
(1) You're Loved No Matter What ~ Holley Gerth
(2) Home is where My People Are ~ Sophie Hudson

My Question: (1) What are you reading?

New Blog Header

I just love my new header. Don't you? Thanks to my friend Linda at Life and Linda.
If you are looking to refresh your blog, add a new header, or a myriad of other tips you will want to visit Linda. I have found her to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and most of all friendly.
Perhaps you're looking for something that does not pertain to blogging. Life and Linda has ideas for Tablescapes which includes both seasons and holidays. One of my personal favorites is the Sunflowers on the Deck tablescape for Summer. To help you get ready to use your summer tablescape Linda's blog also showcases a recipe for Salmon and Potato Waffles. But, be sure to check out her other recipes for breakfast, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

You may also want to see her intimate Irish setting for Two! Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

I give Linda at Life with Linda two thumbs up!

If you visit her please tell her Michelle says `Hi`...Thank You!

I am linking up with Friendship F…

Review:The Trouble with Patience

This is book one in the Virtues and Vices of the Old West series, by author Maggie Brendan.
              Patience Cavanaugh, a full-figured, independent lady has inherited a boardinghouse after the passing of her grandmother.
              Jedidiah Jones, the rugged town marshall, known for hanging criminals, yet he is sweet on Patience. They live in the gold rush boom-town of Nevada City, Montana.
              Although this is a historical romance novel, there are unexpected twists, with a bit of uncertainty, uneasiness, and suspicion. These factors lead to an eagerness to continue reading. This is a "hang on to the edge of your seat" novel.
              There are several inspiring messages scattered throughout the novel. A few quotes that have special meaning to me include: (1) "Try not to dwell on what you can't change" (pg# 174), (2) "God forgives us no matter what we've done, so why shouldn't we forgive ourselves?" (pg# 2…

Wednesday Hodgepodge ~ Colour Purple

It's time to join in with Hodgepodge Wednesday.
Joyce asks the questions, bloggers post their answers.
We would love for you to click the button and join us!

(1) When did you last have to interact, either by phone or in person, with someone in a government run agency? On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate the experience? (10 being fabulous and 1 being pass the Tylenol).

A- I recently spoke to someone from a government run agency and I would put that experience at 5 on the scale.

(2) The current governor of Wisconsin is considering a run for President next time around. Walker attended Marquette University, but never graduated. In terms of any candidate running for the office of President (not asking here if you agree or disagree with Scott Walker's politics) would the lack of a college degree influence your vote or no? Would that be a factor in your support of any candidate running for public office, even a role less weighty than President?

A- When I consider a candidate to…

It Is Well (sung by: Kristene DiMarco)


Happy Valentine's Day


                         This makes a great Valentine's gift for avid readers.

World's Longest Domino Chain...

World's longest domino chain made completely with books.(The Seattle Public Library)

My Result: The Nantucket Series (Denise Hunter)

I took the quiz, you can too! See what book to read next by Denise Hunter.

Review: 30 Events That Shaped The Church

This is the companion book to "60 People Who Shaped The Church". This volume shows the growth of the church, but also reveals how Jews and Christians were hated from the very beginning. Along with the rise of the church was the increasing control of the church in Rome.
            I agreed with several things author Alton Gansky wrote. I found other things enlightening, while disagreeing with some of the points the author brought out. One thing I found enlightening is on pages 172 - 173. "There are many today who think the phrase `separation between church and state` appears somewhere in the Bill of Rights or in the Constitution. It doesn't. What the First Amendment did, and what Jefferson agreed with, was to ban the federal government from creating - establishing - a marriage between the federal government and any religion."
             The reader might be interested to note that several places throughout the book the author capitalizes the word &…

For The Love of Books

My week in books:

Books won:

(1) Beyond All Dreams (Elizabeth Camden)

E-books bought (or free):

(1) The Long-Awaited Child (Tracie Peterson)

(2) Life With Lily (Mary Ann Kinsinger, Suzanne Woods Fisher)

(3) Forsaking All Others (Allison Pittman)

(4) Surrender The Heart (Book 1) (MaryLu Tyndall)

(5) Surrender The Night (Book 2) (MaryLu Tyndall)

(6) Surrender The Dawn (Book 3) (MaryLu Tyndall)

(7) Barefoot Summer (Book 1) (Denise Hunter)

(8) Twin Hearts (Book 3) (JoAnn Durgin)

(9) All God's Children (Book 1) (Anna Schmidt)

(10) The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues (Book 3)
        (Cindy Vincent)

(11) The Old-Fashioned Way (Ginger Kolbaba)

(12) The Antelope in the Living Room (Melanie Shankle)

Books bought at Going-Out-Of-Business sale:

(1) Unforgotten (Sequel to Secrets) (Kristen Heitzmann)

(2) Smitten (Colleen Coble, Kristen Billerbeck, ...)

(3) Edge of Eternity (Randy Alcorn)

(4) Angel Song (Sheila Walsh, Kathryn Cushman)

(5) Israel My Beloved (Kay Arthur)

(6) Moonlight on the…

Sunday Praise (27)

I am linking up with Spiritual Sundays.

I am linking up with Faith Filled Friday.

You can find my review here.

Hodgepodge Wednesday ~ Tickled Pink

After a week, or so off, I am once again joining Wednesday Hodgepodge. This is where our host, Joyce, asks the questions. Bloggers respond on their own blogs. A great way to get to know other bloggers. If you would like to participate please click the button. Thanks!

(1) Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your emotions tucked in tight?

A- I have been told I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve. I can even find something to tear up about at a G-rated movie.

(2) How did you meet your closest friend?

A- We met while walking door-door looking for citrus canker.

(3) Pink lemonade, grilled salmon, cotton candy, pink grapefruit, a strawberry milkshake, or raspberry sorbet...of the pink foods listed, which one is your favorite? Least favorite? Which one have you most recently consumed?

A- Toss up between cotton candy & pink lemonade, pink grapefruit (least favorite), its been a while since I've had any of these. I can't remember what I last had.

(4) When were you la…

A Winter's Respite Wrap-up

Well, the Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon sponsored by Seasons of Reading is over. How did I do?

(1) Marvelous (Travis Thrasher)
This is the first time I read from the YA genre.
I did not like this book and felt like throwing it.
I did not finish reading this book.
It was a very depressing and discouraging book.
Needless to say I will not do a review.

(2) Mother Chicken's Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things  (Kathryn Ross)
A parable written for everyone.
I did finish this 48 page book.
You may see my review here.

(3) 30 Events That Shaped The Church
(Alton Gansky)
I have not finished this book, but I will.
So far it is historically correct.
There will be a review forthcoming.

My Question:
What are you reading during these winter months?