Wednesday Hodgepodge - Heterogeneous Mixture

Welcome to week 200 of Hodgepodge Wednesday.
This is when Joyce asks the questions and bloggers answer.
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(1)  What is something in your life right now that feels a little `hodgepodge`?

A- My clothes closet. I have a lot of clothes people have given me. It can be a trick to find clothes that go together. However, I also have some clothes that match beautifully. I am thankful for a summer and winter wardrobe.

(2) What does `peace on earth, good will to men` mean to you?

A- It makes me think of when there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth.
Also, the peace that Jesus gives to Christians.

(3) Which edible treat are you most looking forward to sampling this December?

A- Pecan Wedding Cookies

(4) It's that most wonderful time of the you agree, and if so why is it so wonderful? If not, what would you say is the most wonderful time of the year?

A- I agree!! This is the time of year Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. It's not about the presents, who got what..or didn't get what. Instead, it is a celebration.

(5) What was the last word you looked up in a dictionary (actual or online) and why?

A- I had to laugh when I saw this question. Here's why...
As I read the questions each week I answer each in my head. After reading the first question I knew I had an idea of what hodgepodge means to me. But, I would not be able to define it to someone else. So, I looked up hodgepodge which led me to heterogeneous. Then I came to question #5 and knew I had to admit to looking up the word hodgepodge.

(6) Besides a Christmas tree, what is your favorite thing to decorate this time of year?

A- Christmas stockings

(7) Share one thing you've learned (about yourself, people, or anything at all) in the Wednesday Hodgepodge, or through blogging in general.

A- Through doing book reviews I have become fond of historical fiction.

(8) Insert your own random thought here.

I am praising God that my adult son started work (Dec. 2) after 5 years of unemployment.


Joyce said…
That's wonderful news about your son! Congratulations to him! I think a lot of people looked up Hodgepodge today : ) Happy Wednesday!
Linda Kay said…
Great responses...and so glad for your son (and you) that he is working again. It must be a huge relief.
April said…
What wonderful news about your son! That's awesome! I'm a big fan of wedding cookies, too! YUM!
Sandee said…
The best part of this entire post is your son landing a job. I'm so happy for all of you.

Have a blessed day. ☺
Wonderful news about your son. I also looked up hodgepodge in the dictionary today.
Congratulations to your son! That must be such a relief to him. We always filled Christmas stockings with gifts on the eve of Epiphany. We liked that for many reasons, one of which was that it kept the 12 days of Christmas, rather than having everything over in one day. :-)