Review: The Answer To Our Cry

            Author Rick McKinley breaks down what is perhaps the most familiar verse in the Bible (John 3:16) and explains it in simple terms. The author helps the reader understand the difference between religion and relationship. By developing a relationship with God and our neighbors.
             I was personally encouraged in my walk as a Christian. I realized that when I am not thankful to God I am actually being ungrateful. I learned that I have been given grace and Jesus gave me everything I have. Jesus doesn't want a guilt ridden relationship, but one of love.
            Two quotes I found most meaningful are, "God's love is not about bad versus good; it's about lost versus found" (pg. #59). "We're simply made to enjoy this God as beloved sons and daughters" (pg #60).
            I would recommend this book to Christians who are seeking to understand who they are in Christ, to those who want to bring shalom to their neighborhoods, and those facing life's greatest challenges.

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