Poll: Who Writes Better - Men or Women?

The people at Grammarly (grammar checker) recently conducted an online poll of about 3,000 participants, 54% male and 46% female, to see which gender is believed to write better. The poll was conducted through Google Consumer Surveys. If the information resonates well with readers, there are plans for more surveys on similar subjects in the future. I hope you find the infographic below enlightening.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Nikolas Baron, Online Partnerships Team Member (Grammarly), for supplying me with the information for this post. As compensation for my post Grammarly will donate $10, in my name, to Reading Is Fundamental a charity that promotes literacy. 


Linda Kay said…
Interesting information, Michelle. I think I am probably not surprised about the outcome.
Michelle F said…
Linda Kay, I am so glad you commented.
I wondered what your thoughts were. Thanks!

Sandee said…
Very interesting. I know women approach things a bit differently than men, but had no idea. Very interesting.

Have a fabulous day. :)
Interesting. My husband and I are both "Grammar Nazis".
Michelle F said…
Sandee, it is very interesting.
I tend to read more books by women than by men.

Thanks for stopping in!

bj said…
I most generally like female authors best..always exceptions, tho. :)
God bless your sweet daddy....
That was fun! Like McGuffy Ann Morris, I'm a grammar Nazi too, but not so with punctuation. I like to punctuate as I say it. It's my new attempt to help others understand the feel of what I'm writing. So. There! lol

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