Top Ten Tips for Book Bloggers


This week's Top Ten was inspired by The Broke and The Bookish
I did not have an answer for this week's actual Top Ten.
So I am borrowing from a previous Top Ten.

These are my Top Ten for a new book reviewer:

(1) Choose your blogging platform:
Wordpress and Blogger are the two main platforms. I started with Wordpress and later switched to Blogger. I think Blogger is easier to use. However, some bloggers like/love Wordpress.You'll have to decide which is best for you and fits your needs.

(2) After choosing a platform, choose a name for your blog:
Think about the purpose of your blog. Think about your style, how do you want to be portrayed? You want a name that reflects you and is easy to remember. I named my blog after our homeschool name.

(3) It's not about the numbers:
Once you are set up with a platform and a name, you're ready!
You're going to want some followers. A few great ways to get followers are Bloglovin` and G+. Also, if your using Blogger, Google Friend Connect (GFC).
It's great to have followers, and everyone has different amounts. Make it easy for others to follow you, but don't make it all about the numbers. Be sure to leave comments on other blogs. Just as you want to know someone is reading your posts, other's do too. It's a thing of respect.

(4) Join a few link-ups:
Link-ups are great ways to make friends. Some are specific in what posts you link-up, others are anything goes. Again, find your style and your sure to make new friends.

(5) Ready to review books? Choose books that interest you:
Decide what type of books you would like to review. Don't read a book just because it's popular. Choose one you think you'll like.

(6) Choose a publisher to review for:
Be sure the publisher's books fit your style. Also, be aware of each publishers rules for reviewing books. If your reviewing a book for a blog tour check the date for when you should post your review.

(7) Be Honest:
Post a positive review if you really like the book. Post something you may have learned, how did it make you feel, would you recommend it to a friend. But, if you really didn't like the book be honest and post why you didn't like the book.

(8) Get involved with social media:
If you want to get your blog known join a social media outlet.  A few that are widely used are Twitter, Facebook, and G+.

(9) Relax:
You don't have to post daily. It's better to post 2 - 3 times weekly, than publish poor quality posts. Bloggers are interested in who you are, so feel free to publish non-book posts, too. Most important, I think, take a break when you need to.

(10) Take time for outside activities:
Take time with your family and friends, as well as alone time.

Question: What would you tell a new book blogger?


Sandee said…
Good how to. You've done your homework.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Michelle F said…
Thanks, Sandee!

Have a great day!!
Excellent advice, Michelle. People should take heed!
bj said…
Thanks so much, Michelle...
Michelle F said…
Your welcome, bj

Thanks for stopping by.
Grantham Lynn said…
Great post. These are great tips to share. Some I needed. Thanks for sharing them. And thank you so much for being a faithful friend. I do really miss posting everyday. I know that all this is in Gods hands. I appreciate the good wishes. May I ask you to pray for me. I've been praying about changing jobs. For many reasons. This afternoon I applied for a new job. It is the admin. assistant for a local Christian author/speaker. Sounds like a fabulous opportunity! I'll try to come around when I can. I am hoping to get a table this month but we'll see! I will look forward to your post.
These are all great tips and I can agree with all of them. I like how you worded point 9. I think that is very important. Thanks for always visiting and leaving comments! Have a blessed day and week.
Amanda Holmes said…
What a wonderful list! I wish I had it when I first started.;) I just kind of fell into my blog. lol.
What made you decide to switch to Blogger? I hear so many people say they love Wordpress, so I'm curious about your opinion!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Amanda!

Great question!
I love that I have to know very little, if any, html with Blogger. It's really very simple to use.