Top Ten Books To Re-Read

This week's Top Ten is brought to you by The Broke and The Bookish
This week's Top Ten: Top Books I Would Re-Read.

(1) The Chasm (Randy Alcorn)

(2) Santa Cruise (Mary & Carol Higgins Clark)

(3) Dancing with My Father (Sally Clarkson)

(4) The Last Christian (David Gregory)

(5) The Red Gloves Collection (Karen Kingsbury)

(6) The Christmas Promise (Donna Van Liere)

(7) The Christmas Shoes (Donna Van Liere)

(8) Having a Mary Heart...` (Joanna Weaver)

(9) Having a Mary Spirit (Joanna Weaver)

(10) Lazarus Awakening (Joanna Weaver)

My Question: What Top books would you re-read?


Linda Kay said…
Michelle, all look interesting. I'd have to think about it, but do really love the short and easy to read books by Max Lucado. An amazing writer.
Sandee said…
I've not read any of these.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Michelle F said…
Hi, Linda Kay!

I agree, Max Lucado is an amazing writer.
I have about 5 of his books.

Thanks for stopping by!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Sandee!

I think all of these are good.
I also added some great Christmas books
`tis the season :)

Have a great day!
bookskeepmesane said…
you have some Christmas-themed books in your list I think they are perfect for this season :D
my top ten tuesday:
Amanda Holmes said…
I've looked at the books on having a Mary heart! I will have to try them out.
Grantham Lynn said…
Great list I've read a couple. Including The Last Christian it was an interesting work. Kept me on the edge of my seat.
Thanks for being Faithful coming by.
My dumb computer works awhile and then quits. We have a bad battery.
It only charges when turned off and doesn't charge fully.
Gotta run. Have a wonderful Fri. and a Blessed weekend.
Thank you for your support regarding Chloe Jo. We appreciate your friendship. ~xo~
Bluerose said…
I am completely with you on Van Liere's books! I have one of Weaver's book patiently waiting on my shelf that I need to read.
Michelle F said…
Hi, Amanda!

I have actually re-read Joanna Weaver's books again and again. I gave our Women's Ministry leader one of the Mary books.
Michelle F said…
Hi, Sherry!

Thanks! Yes, `The Last Christian` book is pretty intense. I have shared it with friends and now I need to re-read it.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Ann!

You know, I used to be a dog person until I met my hubby.
He loves cats and always has.
Now, I think I prefer cats over dogs.
I still think some dogs are beautiful, but I never could train them. So frustrating.
One of our cats snuggles up and sleeps with my hubby & I.
I love that! Especially on these cold nights.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Michelle F said…
I love the Van Liere books.
Now that the season is upon us I need to re-read them.

I think you'll like Joanna Weaver's books.

Thanks for stopping by and for the give-away!
Marilyn said…
I love the Max Lucado books. I have read many of them. He has a new one out on prayer. Think the name is "Before You Say Amen".
Michelle F said…
Hi, Marilyn!

Yes, I agree, Max Lucado's books are excellent.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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