Sunday Praise (19)

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Linda Kay said…
Michelle, you find the best videos. Are you the one who recommended Mary Did You Know by the Panatonix? If so, just want to say it is really awesome.
Sandee said…
That was lovely. Very.

Have a blessed weekend. ☺
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments! Yes, we had a nice Thanksgiving. Since it's a normal day in South Africa, I haven't always been able to have all the kids at home (away at camp or something else). This time, not only were we all together, but my South African in-laws even came through for Amanda's graduation from Kindergarten to Grade 1 that was held Thursday evening and so we did Thanksgiving with them. :)
Michelle F said…

How exciting! Thanksgiving and a graduation on the same day. It does sound like a great day.
Marilyn said…
Just love your clock! I also like the colors for Christmas season.
Have a great week in the Lord.
Love & Blessings,
Michelle F said…
Hi, Marilyn!

Thank you so much.
May God bless you both!!

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