Sunday Praise (15)

I am linking up with Spiritual Sundays.


Sandee said…

Have a blessed weekend. :)
Linda Kay said…
"Exalt"is such a wonderful word in relationship to our faith.
Anita Johnson said…
Visiting from Spiritual Sundays. I usually try to visit several of the neighboring posts on that link up, but today I was too tired and distracted to read longer entries. I clicked on your link and found your post with a favorite song that I haven' heard in years. I was able to sit here, look at the changing colors outside my window and think about God being exalted by the earth He created. Thank you for your post today!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Anita!

Thank you! You are such a blessing!
I pray you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Sarah E. Albom said…
Very pretty. Have a good Sunday!
Misty said…
Thank you so much for sharing :) I love Kim-Walker Smith:) Be blessed today!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Misty!

You are very welcome.
Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great week!
bj said…
So pretty...hope your Sunday was perfect. :)'Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment...our family has always loved games and we used to play Uno a lot. Haven't played in years.
Sure love playing Bunco with the 11 ladies I love to the moon and back.
Michelle F said…
Thanks, bj!

I have not played Bunco.
Sounds interesting, though.

Have a great week!
Powerful...thank you for this. Hug.
Michelle F said…
Hi, Ann!

Hugs to you too!!

Thanks for stopping by.