Hodgepodge Wednesday ~ Bird's Eye View

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This is a weekly meme where Joyce asks the questions and bloggers answer.

(1) Joyce' hubby spent last weekend pheasant hunting. Are there hunters in your family? If so, what do they hunt? Which of the following have you tasted - pheasant, rabbit, venison, duck, goose? Which of those would you most like to taste, or be most willing to taste?

Vegetarians keep calm and Hodgepodge on.

A- There are no hunters in my immediate family. Growing up my sister, brother and dad all hunted. I have had the luxury of tasting rabbit, venison, duck, squirrel, bear, alligator, frog legs, bison, and maybe a few more I can't recall right now. I would like to taste pheasant and goose.

(2) What high spot have you visited that gave you a wonderful `bird's eye view` of something below?

A- Wayah Bald, Franklin, North Carolina.

(3) Do you have any birds in your home? These could be either real live pets or decorative, as in bird prints, knickknacks, fabric, or pottery.

A- Yes! I have an overnite bag with chickens all over it and a green glass jar that looks like a rooster.

(4) Tell us about a time you `killed two birds with one stone`.

A- Can't think of any

(5) Your favorite song with a bird in its title.

A- Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree

(6) What most recently gave you the goosebumps?

A- Hubby and I were watching `a who-dun-it` show. I usually don't watch them, but it was intriguing even though I did have goosebumps.

(7) Halloween is this Friday...any plans? Did you trick or treat as a child? Carve pumpkins? Share your most memorable costume.

A- We usually buy candy to hand out to the neighborhood kids. Yes, I did trick or treat as a child. Now I have mixed feelings about it. I was never one for the gory costumes and still think that's going too far. But, I think it's ok for a girl to dress up like a princess, or a boy like a cowboy. However, my most memorable costume was one my mom made me. I was a one-eyed monster and won first place for best costume. I had a sheet over me, with little peep holes and she used poster-board for a tall head with one eye. I hate to think what would win first place these days.

(8) Insert your own random thought here.

Wayah Bald

Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree


Linda Kay said…
Michelle, I remember making some of those homemade costumes for the kids when I couldn't afford to buy one at the store for them.
Sandee said…
I was born and raised on a dairy farm. We grew almost everything we ate. Pigs, chickens, beef and tons of veggies that was canned every year. So this post brought back all those memories.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Michelle F said…
Hi, Linda Kay!

We had to make our own, or have mom make them. She wouldn't buy ready-made costumes. Said they cost too much. So I remember making costumes using paper plates as the mask...LOL

Thanks for stopping by!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Sandee!

I love it when I read a post that brings to mind good memories.
My mom also grew tons of vegy's.
If I had taken the time I could have learned so much from her.

Joyce said…
Kookaburra is a good one! I forgot about that song, but it's definitely one that sticks in your head once you hear it. I've had alligator and moose, but never squirrel. I don't know if I could eat a squirrel-not a fan of them, too rodent-y : )
How clever to think of the Kookaburra song! I haven't heard that for ages. I think we sang it in grade school. And I would love to see that chicken bag you've got! I just love chicken prints and chicken just about anything - except for trudging through the snow in -20 degree weather in the winter and feeding chickens - which is why I don't have any.
Michelle F said…
Hi, Judy!

I have a friend who loves chickens, too.
She has collected various chicken items over the years. Now her & her husband own a B & B called `The Chicken Coop`. It's really a lovely place.
Thanks for stopping over. We use to get about 90 kids. We might be getting rain so I'm not sure how tonight will go. I forgot about my rooster kitchen and my husbands office is all ducks! Sounds like you had an awesome costume and winning had to be a blast! I don't care for gory costumes either. Have a nice weekend.
Amanda Holmes said…
That is awesome that you have tried so many different meats! I think it would be fun to try alligator.;) Though, I wouldn't want to hunt them!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Amanda!

I agree! I am thankful someone else hunts alligator, so I can eat it.