Friday Four Fill-in (1)

Feeling Beachie

Ok, this is the first time I've done this meme.
The object is to fill in the blanks with your own words.
If you would like to join the fun please visit Hillary at Feeling Beachie

This week's statements:

(1) What would be your ________________?

(2) Certainly a ________ will ____________.

(3) A real ________is ______ than _________.

(4) Joining a _______ makes me ___________.

My answers:

(1) What would be your ideal dream car?

(2) Certainly a dollar earned will be better than a penny lost.

(3) A real meal is better than a snack.

(4) Joining a Bible study group makes me feel close to God and others.


Yvonne said…
I don't think I ever had a dream car. I'm just happy if the car gets me to where I need to go everyday.

Have a great weekend!
My dream car would be a Lincoln. We currently drive a Ford Taurus and it is great.
My dream car would be a Lincoln. We currently drive a Ford Taurus and it is great.
Sandee said…
You did this very well. I always have trouble with these kinds of things.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺
Michelle F said…
Hi Yvonne,

I have never had a dream car either.
Years ago my very favorite car was a Pontiac T1000. It's the only brand new car I've ever owned. I think my only request for a dream car would be that it has a built in GPS and that screen that shows me if anything is behind my car.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend!
Michelle F said…
Thanks Sandee!

Have a great weekend!
Michelle F said…
retired not tired,

Our son has a Taurus. I think it's the best car he has ever owned. He has put a lot of miles on it and it's still going.

Have a great weekend!
I love my car, now. My husband got it new for me last year: a Ford Focus. My choice.
A "dream car" might be a classic 1969 Nova.
Great answers here!
Grantham Lynn said…
Oh this looks like fun. You have some great answers. I've never had a dream car.
Thanks for coming by my Vintage post. Have a great weekend.
Michelle F said…
Hi Sherry,

Thanks! It is fun.
I had to put on my thinking cap.

Have a wonderful weekend!
TexWisGirl said…
1. 1970 chevy chevelle ss. :)

hi, michelle! thanks for coming by today! blessings to you and yours!
Michelle F said…

Thanks for dropping by!

They sure knew how to build those old cars, didn't they?

I look forward to getting to know you.

Have a great weekend! Blessings!
Patricia said…
Real meals are nice but I am not giving up my snacks!
Elizabeth said…
Very nice answers.

I do like snacks, but I agree about the mean.

Nice blog.

ENJOY your weekend.

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Hilary said…
I'm so happy you joined the hop!

I agree with you with the meals! I am not a snack person either
Michelle F said…
Hi Patricia,

I like my snacks also.
Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle F said…
Thanks Elizabeth!

Have a fun weekend!
Michelle F said…
Hi Hilary,

Thanks for hosting this weekly meme and for dropping by.

This is a challenging, but fun, meme.
I hope to join in again.

Enjoy your weekend!
Grantham Lynn said…
Hi. Thanks for coming to the tea party! It was a delight to share. I wasn't having trouble with the watermark exactly. My computer wouldn't save the photo's. I had to copy them. You can't watermark when you copy. It's a glitch with my computer. I tried getting around it but I couldn't. I am going to try to resave from the post and see what happens.
Thanks again for visiting and the sweet comment. I am glad you enjoy coming over!
Have a Blessed Sunday.
Michelle F said…
Hi Sherry,

I think I understand now. Thanks

Enjoy your Sunday!
bj said…
thanks so much for coming by.
I love your answers here. :)
Michelle F said…
Thanks bj!

I really enjoyed reading your posts.
Have a great evening!
I enjoyed reading your answers to this fill-in-the-blank meme, Michelle!
Amanda Holmes said…
What a fun meme! I don't think I am near as creative, since it would be hard for me to come up with answers.:)
As for a dream car, it has changed with having children.;) I like fuel efficient cars, since we do a lot of driving, but I would like an Excursion for the room. So, perhaps an Excursion?:)
Michelle F said…
Hi Amanda,

I understand about dream cars changing once we have children.
My most favorite car was a small Pontiac T1000.
However, after having children, we drive mini-vans.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day!