Review: Kindle Paperwhite

                  An Amazon Kindle is a very useful and enjoyable device to own. I make good use of my Kindle Paperwhite on long road trips, at doctor office appointments or just around the house. The internal battery has a long life, capable of going several days, sometimes weeks on a charge. I am an avid reader so times may vary for someone else.
                  It has a small built-in light, making it useful for travels at night without disturbing the driver. The light has an adjustable brilliance control. I have over 1,000 books on my Kindle with room for more. Organizing the books into collections is simple. I personally have an estimated 105 collections.
                  Some books may be loaned to other Kindle users for a specified amount of time. However, not all books are loan-able. Many public libraries have Kindle books to loan also.
                   My personal collections include biography, humor, motivational, Christian living, and many more. There's always something new and interesting available.
                    The Kindle Paperwhite is my 2nd Kindle model, and I will gladly buy an upgraded version when it becomes available. My 1st Kindle was the Kindle Keyboard. The only thing I don't like is the selection of screensaver ad's. Even though you can by a version that does not have the ad's. I would prefer the ad's go along with the type of books I read.
                      So, what about you my readers. Do you have a Kindle? Which model do you have? How many books do you have? Is this your first Kindle? If you have the one with ad's for the screensaver, would you like the ad's to reflect the type of books you read? How do you categorize your books? Would you buy another Kindle?

Disclaimer: I was not paid, or contacted by Amazon, to write this review. I wrote this honest review from my own experiences about a Kindle Paperwhite I bought for personal use.

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Linda Kay said…
I still have my old Nook, it has no internal light, and the battery doesn't last long. Maybe I'll ask Santa for a Kindle this year!
Michelle F said…
Hi Linda Kay,

Congratulations on your book.

I am loving my Kindle, as you can tell.

Have a blessed day!
Sandee said…
Hubby has one, but I don't yet. I'm still toting around a book at a time. Just love the smell of a good book.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Michelle F said…
Hi Sandee,

I have both physical and e-books.
I just love a good book.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day!!
Marie Moody said…
I am bound and determined to get my granddaughter a Kindle for Christmas. She loves to read, and I think this will bring us closer. She's a shy little thing, and 13 that in-between stage. Hopefully it will make me Nana of the year in her eyes. I've been hunting down every kindle give-away I can find. I probably entered about 10 of them already with no luck :( sigh~~~
Michelle F said…
Hi Marie!

I think your granddaughter will enjoy a Kindle. I am loving mine.

I have several physical books. But, I still love my Kindle. Especially for the convenience.

Good luck on maybe winning one!
Grantham Lynn said…
Great review. I don't own a Kindle but the Cowboy has one. I read a few books when he first got it and I couldn't get to the library. I am actually wanting to get a Tablet so I can blog on it instead of the laptop. I can take it to work and take pics of the kids etc.
Thanks for coming by my little Pretty Pig post! Enjoy your organizing! I can't wait till I have a space so I can get my books out of storage.
Michelle F said…
Hi Sherry,

Thank you! That would be nice to have a Tablet.

I'm thinking I'm going to start loaning my physical books out to a group of ladies I meet with. Needing to make room for my review books.

I have spent about 2 hours adding books to my spreadsheet. I'm doing them in alphabetical order, by last name. I'm only up to the C's.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend!
Dawn said…
I do not own a kindle for myself but 3 members of my family do and love their Kindles. I have a Nook and it is one of my favorite treasures, though I was somewhat surprised I would enjoy reading with it since I also love to read real books. :)

It does make packing much easier, though.

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