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This week's Top Ten was inspired by The Broke and the Bookish.
I am also linking up with the Cozy Reading Spot.

Top Ten books I wish I had read as a child.

(1) Ride on the Wind (Alice Dalgliesh)

(2) The Courage of Sarah Noble (Alice Dalgliesh)

(3) Charlotte's Web (E. B. White)

(4) Stuart Little (E. B. White)

(5) National Velvet (Enid Bagnold)

(6) Thimble Summer (Elizabeth Enright)

(7) Mr. Popper's Penguins (Richard & Florence Atwater)

(8) The Door in the Wall (Marguerite de Angeli)

(9) The Story of Dr. Doolittle (Hugh Lofting)

(10) The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett)

What books do you wish you had read as a child?
What books do/did you read-aloud to your child(ren)?


Linda Kay said…
Michelle, this is an amazing list of books, and unfortunately there are several on that list that I have not read. Too many books, too little time.
Michelle F said…
Hi Linda Kay, There are several on the list I haven't read, some I read to our son's as they were growing up. I'm glad I took the chance to read them then, almost like a second childhood.
Sandee said…
What a fabulous list it is too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Michelle F said…
Hi Sandee, thank you!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope your day is wonderful!
Grantham Lynn said…
Great list and topic. I love books. I finally got a review book. My weekend was great with the family. But they are gone now and I am sad.
Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement.
Have a good week.
Michelle F said…
Hi Sherry, Thank you!
I look forward to reading your review.
May the Lord bless you today and always!
Kathryn Ross said…
Hi Michelle! You have a good list there. I discovered children's literature when I went to school with my kids and worked on staff at their schools. I really didn't get much of a brain til I was saved at age 24. Started out in Principle Approach Education with my kids in Christian school which was like me repeating my schooling all over again. I used to cry that I hadn't been introduced to some of the great kid's lit that was out there. I am very disappointed in the literature marketed to kids today - the classics had so much more going for them. I review a lot of kid lit and find them filled with concepts that do not promote a Biblical worldview but actually promote veiled agendas. How I grieve - but am thankful that classics are still in the fray - if we promote them to the next generation!

Many thanks for the birthday wishes. A lovely day!
Michelle F said…
Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.
I believe when I homeschooled our boys we called a lot of today's books `twaddle`. So thankful for the old school material that steered us in the right direction. Such as, Ambleside Online, and Old Fashioned Education.
Michelle, this is a great list! I loved The Secret Garden; never read National Velvet and, like you, I wish I had. Thanks so much for sharing these! Hope you have a great week; take care.
Denise :) said…
Aaaaah! Yes, quite a few of these were posted on a recent top ten book list I did on facebook. And several more of yours were ones that I made reference to in the comments!! Thanks for dropping by my blog -- autumn will be here sooner than we know! :)
Denise :) said…
Oh! And since you've got Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little on the list, go ahead and add The Trumpet of the Swan! It was my favorite of the three! :)
Michelle F said…
ah! Great minds think alike :)

Have a wonderful week!
Michelle F said…
`The Secret Garden` was one my boys wanted me to read again & again.
Susan Cook said…
I think out of those I only read Charlotte's Web - which I always found kind of a sad story though.

I guess it's not a children's book but recently I read The Great Gatsby - because I was supposed to read that in HS but didn't and I wanted to read it now though.

Have a great day :)
Michelle F said…
Hi Susan,

I have not read `The Great Gatsby`

Do you like it?

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