Top Ten Books I Want

This week's Top Ten is brought to you by The Broke and The Bookish
The Question: What Top Ten books do I really want to read but don't own yet?

(1) A Promise in Pieces (Emily Wierenga)

(2) The Butterfly and the Violin (Kristy Cambron)

(3) Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer)

(4) In The Mirror (Kaira Rouda)

(5) A Grace Revealed (Jerry Sittser)

(6) A Grace Disguised (Jerry Sittser)

(7) Yankee in Atlanta (Jocelyn Green)

(8) Finding Spiritual Whitespace (Bonnie Gray)

(9) The Hidden White House (Robert Klara)

(10) The Book of Unknown Americans (Christina Henriquez)

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As I was looking up these books I found a couple on sale.
So I may go ahead and buy them. Can't beat .99 on Kindle.

Which books would you most like to read but don't own yet?


rosemond cates said…
I haven't read any of these! I'll have to look them up! =)
Michelle F said…
Hi Rosemond,

I went ahead and bought a couple of them.

Have a great day!!
Susan Cook said…
I don't really buy too many books - I mostly get them from the library.

Those look like good ones :)
Michelle F said…
Hi Susan,

I always worry about getting library books back on time.

I love my Kindle as most of my books I got free or for next to nothing.

I also love physical books.

Depends on my mood or where I am.

When I go to appt. I love having my Kindle.

Thanks for stopping by :)
Janet Boebert said…
I'd like to read both of Emily's books - probably starting with Atlas Girl. Maybe after we make our move I'll feel like I have the kind of time to read (I tend to get lost and skip doing the things that need doing...). I hope your air is fixed - ours went out for three weeks - the three hottest weeks of the summer! I got really good at moving air around with fans... Have a wonderful (cool) week.
Michelle F said…
Hi Janet,I have seen Atlas Girl mentioned on several blogs. It does look good.
Thank you for asking about our air.
It was fixed yesterday. A whole new unit and coils. We were without A/C/ last week, our hottest days of the summer. It's actually cooler this week. I too got used to moving fans around. Between the kitchen, living room & Florida room.

Have a great week!
Beth Stiff said…
Hello Michelle. I need to come visit you more!! I appreciate your kindness in the comments you leave on Twitter, Facebook and my blog. It means a lot to me. I truly loved your comment to my Get to Know You Monday post. Thank you so much for sharing.
I'd love to share Emily's A Promise in Peaces with you. Are you in the US? If you were willing to send me your address I could mail to you. I finished it recently and really loved.
Great list of other books to read. I have so many on my list. :)
Beth @ SimplyBeth
Michelle F said…
Hi Beth, you are so sweet. I would love to read the book.
Thank you for stopping by.
Amanda Holmes said…
Mysister has tead Yankee in Atlanta and loved it! I need to read it.
Do you belong to I know they offered it a while back.
Thanks for your comments on my blog! They made my day.;) I needed them, since I have a summer cold.;)
Michelle F said…
Hi Amanda,

I checked into, but decided to put it on hold for now.
Thank you for the recommendation.

I pray you are over your cold quickly. I'm glad my comments made your day.
Grantham Lynn said…
Well at least you've started on that list. Kindle has it's place. Cowboy has one. I want one to take outside so I don't have to drag the laptop. Thanks for coming by your a loyal friend. I will look at the award. Not sure I would have enough people to pass it on. I enjoyed reading your post so much!
Thank you, thank you. I am behind today haven't posted yet. Had to go to eye doctor got new contacts. Yea! I can see! I'll be posting soon. My last Christmas. Next week a month of Fall.
Michelle F said…
Hi Sherry,

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you do the tag. I would love to learn more about you.

I really appreciate what you have to say. Thank you for considering me a friend. I feel the same way toward you.

Wishing you well with the new contacts. I don't think I could wear them. I just can't imagine putting something in my eye.

I'm trying to think of something for Fall. Not sure if I have anything.

Be blessed my friend!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
There are many books I would love to read but i have no time. Hopefully, once I can go part time or retire!!

Michelle F said…
Hi Deb,

I am an avid reader. I love to take my Kindle along with me, giving me more time to read.

Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you and yours.
Sue Holmes said…
I haven't read any of these either - off to Goodreads to look them up!
Michelle F said…
Hi Sue,

I hope you enjoy them.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks for linking on my weekend blog hop! God bless!
Michelle F said…
Hi Christina,

Thanks for hosting the hop and for stopping by.

Have a great weekend!