The Making of an Epic Basket

I love receiving wicker baskets full of goodies and one basket I would like is a truly Epic Basket.  A truly epic basket would surely include poetry. The following is a list of ten items I would love to find.

(1) Beowulf

(2) Epic of Gilgamesh

(3) Iliad

(4) Odyssey

(5)  Star Wars

(6) The Lord of the Rings

(7) Ben - Hur

(8) Gone with the Wind

(9) The Neverending Story

(10) The Chronicles of Narnia

What would you include in an epic gift basket?
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Grantham Lynn said…
Quite a collection! Thanks for coming by and see my tips post. I thought those were some interesting ones!
A couple more weeks left on Christmas in August Count Down.
Start thinking' fall for Sept. and Oct!
Have a great week.
I read The Neverending Story in German one holiday at my grandparents' who had a home in Dorum, near Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven. You could go Watlaufen there, a very unique experience where the water goes out for miles during low tide and you can walk on the bottom of the ocean. There wasn't much on TV in those years for kids, so I was left with complete boredom when inside or else a book that had plenty of German words that I wasn't familiar with. So, I read the book! :)
Michelle F said…
To walk on the bottom of the ocean would be quite an experience. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us.
KyBunnies said…
I have all those books. Well I have most all classics. My son is a fan of classics.

Shoot I cannot pick just 10. I would be happy with what ever someone else picked lol.

Thanks for sharing & dropping by Bunny's Review.
Michelle F said…
Welcome KyBunnies, Thank you for stopping by.
Truth be known there were several others I thought about adding, but limited myself to ten :)
Tara Tyler R said…
that is an awesome list! love all those movies!
my epic basket would include one thing, a time travel machine so i could get stuff done and be with family in far away places and write in the same day!

also wanted to thank you for stopping by my broken branch falls blog tour!
Kathryn Ross said…
Hi Michelle! Hmmmmm . . . quite an epic basket to be sure. More than half of your list would be in mine. I am more for 19th century authors, though. Love the rich language and all things British. Is Jane Austen considered epic?
Joy to you!
Michelle F said…
Hi Tara, time travel would be pretty neat.

Thanks for stopping by.
Michelle F said…
Hi Kathryn, You raise a very good question. According to Jane Austen is not considered epic, but a type of novel called the novel of manners. Which focuses on domestic matters as opposed to warfare.
Susan Cook said…
cool list! I only read a few of those - but have seen the movies - lol

Michelle F said…
Hi Susan, I have seen a few of them as movies as well. Sometimes I like to read them beforehand to see how they differ.

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