Monday Mingle (August 4)

Mingle 240
**If you could travel for free to any U.S. city, where would you choose?**

There is one place I have always wanted to visit. Hershey, PA

I would love to tour Hershey's Chocolate World.

I am linking up to Mingle Monday @ Life of Meg.

Won't you come Mingle with us?

So, what U.S. city would you visit?


Mary said…
My aunt is from Hershey and has great things to say about the town! I bet it would be a fun road trip!

Thanks for your comment on my blog post today! :)
Michelle F said…
Hi Mary,

My sister went there years ago, and she too loved the town.
bj said…
That is bound to be a fun place to visit. :)
Michelle F said…
Hi bj,

Thanks for stopping by.
Misty said…
Thanks for stopping by from Monday Mingle. That looks like an awesome place to go!!
Michelle F said…
Hi Misty,

Thanks for stopping by!
Susan Cook said…
That would be fun - lot's of chocolate...

I would want to visit Arizona to see the Grand Canyon..Always wanted to see that.
Michelle F said…
Hi Susan,

Thanks for stopping by.
There are so many places that would make a great excursion.

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