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                   This meme is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

                                                            The Question:
            How many bookcases do you have, how do you organize the shelves?

                                                              The Answer:
          I have seven bookshelves. I organize most of my books alphabetically by authors last name.
          I have binders which are organized by topic. Cooking, Bible studies, and so on...
         Our boys are adults now, but I still have their Jr. High/High School binders on a shelf.
           Our Bibles are in one location, as are regular cookbooks and magazines.

                                                                Your turn:
            I would love to hear how you organize your books. Please share..


Katherine P said…
I have some serious organizational envy! Mine are loosely organized by genre but not much more than that. I'm planning on turning one of the kid's rooms into a library once they move out but that will be awhile!
Michelle F said…
Hi Katherine, A home library sounds wonderful.
Elizabeth said…
I have my shelves organized according to what has been read and what I want to keep, what needs to be read for review, what can be read at any time, and also according to what I received at the BEA.

You have a good organizational style as well.

ENJOY your weekend.

Happy Hopping!!

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Michelle F said…
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for dropping by and your kind comment.
Susan Cook said…
wow sounds cool! I just have books unorganized all staked on a table!

You are great at organizing your books :)
Michelle F said…
Hi Susan, Thank you. I recently started organizing alphabetically.
We'll see how it goes as I get new books.
serena said…
My books are currently in boxes (we just moved), but I usually have them separated from read and to-read, and then organized by author's last name. Cookbooks go in the kitchen in no particular order. We only have one bookcase right now, but someday I'd like to have a home library!

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