August Daybook Edition

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                                      August 20, 2014

                            Outside my window...
                  partly cloudy, 80 degrees, ground is wet from last night's rain

                            I am thinking...
                   which books should I review next

                             I am thankful....
                    for a husband who loves me and our children

                             In the kitchen...
                    I'll make Mexican Lasagna for supper

                             I am wearing...
                     purple shirt and purple pants

                             I am looking forward to...
                     Celebrate Freedom in 2 weeks

                             I am reading...
                     Battlefield of the Mind (Joyce Meyer)
                     Never Give Up!    (Joyce Meyer)

                             I am learning....
                     how to budget our grocery bill

                             Around the house...
                   We had to move bookcases, etc... into our living room
                         to make room for our new refrigerator




Sandee said…
Sounds like you have much to be thankful for. Excellent.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for visiting Comedy Plus. ☺
Thank you for stopping over and that is a great idea about using the view from the porch photo to make a puzzle.

Your lasagna sounds delicious....
what time is dinner? Budgeting is hard and in a few years when my husband retires things will be very tight. I'm trying to start now!
Michelle F said…
Hi Sandee,

Yes, I have much to be thankful for.

My life has been a blessing.

Thank you for stopping by.
Michelle F said…
Hi Debby,

I'm praying we'll have retirement money in the next few years.

About the lasagna..It was my first time making it. Everyone liked it except me. It was really different.
Mari said…
Mexican Lasagne sounds good!
Hooray for a new refrigerator!
Michelle F said…
Hi Mari,

Yes, we've had the old fridge for over 14 years.
So, I guess it's about time.

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