10 Things Blogging Has Taught Me About Myself

(1) I tend to be a perfectionist

(2) I love to interact with people

(3) I enjoy reading

(4) I enjoy reading for reviews

(5) I like to make lists

(6) I work best on a time schedule

(7) I work best under pressure

(8) I love reading your posts

(9) I love receiving comments

(10) I dislike word verification when posting a comment

These are 10 things blogging has taught me about myself.
I would love to `hear` what blogging has taught you about yourself.
I'm linking up with `Make My Saturday Sweet` and `Friendship Friday`


Alexis AKA MOM said…
I so am the same on so many of those :)
Janet Boebert said…
I dislike word verification too - but when I went without it, I was deleting spam comments multiple times a day (and some were just plain nasty...) I totally agree with the rest of your list --- Me too! Have a blessed weekend.
Michelle F said…
Hi Janet, thanks..I'll keep that in mind. So far no spam. I hope I don't have to go back to word verification.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
Gentle Joy said…
I don't like the word verification either... but I have only had a couple of spam comments. I agree w/ many of the items on your list... I enjoy blogging, though I am rather new to it... and I love being able to share some of what the Lord has taught me w/ others. Thank you for this post... it made me think. :)
Michelle F said…
Hi Gentle Joy,

Thank you for the encouragement.
You do a wonderful job blogging.
I always wonder how I come across.
Thanks again for the feedback.
Linda Kay said…
Like Gentle Joy, I'm fairly new to blogging, but am really enjoying contact with fellow bloggers all over the world. And the memes are great to get your mind going. I think it is really challenging to find something new and different each day. Love reading other posts, and enjoy writing.
Sandee said…
You and I are much alike. I hate word verification something awful.

Have a fabulous weekend. ☺
Deb Wolf said…
Perfect list! I agree with every point, and I love lists too!
Sarah E. Albom said…
I think I procrastinate too much :)
Sandee said…
Have a great weekend. ☺
Michelle F said…
Thank you Sandee!! You too :)