My Library (revised)

My Library post shares the idea of skimming our bookshelves to find examples of each category.
This post will contain paperback, hardback or e-books. I saw this idea while I was visiting Musings From A BookMammal  

                               Books Read
(1) Another Summer (Rebecca Stevenson)
(2) Life Without Limits (Nick Vujicic)

                              Intending to Read
(1) Love Finds You in Deadwood South Dakota (Tracey Cross)
(2) The Perfecting Storm (Angel H. Davis)

(1) Trusting God: Even When Life hurts (Jerry Bridges)
(2) Transforming Grace (Jerry Bridges)

                                 Pretend I've Read
(1) How To Read A Book (Adler & Doren)
(2) Boundaries (Cloud & Townsend)

                                 Saving for When I have Time
(1) Yukon Quest (Tracie Peterson)
(2) Desert Roses (Tracie Peterson)

                                  Will Never Read
(1) The Birth of Britain (Churchill)

                                     Purely For show
(1) How to Roast a Lamb (Michael Psilakis)

                      Read, But Can't Remember A Single Thing about It
(1) War & Peace (Leo Tolstoy)

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Holly Kerr said…
How did I miss that! I'm doing that quiz for next week!!
Here's mine for this week
Michelle F said…
Hi Holly! Thank you for visiting.
I agree with your post on American Girl.

I look forward to reading your answers to the quiz.
Kristin said…
Oh boy, I bet I can find examples of each of these categories, no problem! :P

Here's my Monday Musing...
Lady Lilith said…
That looks like a pretty nice book list. Thank you for sharing it.
Lisa notes... said…
I love the "pretend I've read" category. ha. This is a great meme. I need to do the same with my bookshelves and actually get rid of those "Will Never Read" books. The last category makes me smile too--I have a lot of books that would fit there. :) The Brothers Karamazov may end up there one day! But for this year I still remember.
Pooch said…
I enjoyed reading your comments on reading questions. Looks like we have some reading attitudes/habits in common!

I'm going to check into some the titles on your list. Always fun to see new-to-me books!

This is a great idea! Great post :)
Cheryl said…
This is a great list. I'll have to try it some time.

Hope you'll visit
Ah, this is cute meme! I feel like if I read War & Peace, I'd probably wouldn't remember much either, haha.
Thanks for sharing!
Michelle F said…
Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by.
This was a fun meme to do.
I hope you'll try it sometime.
This has got me in the mood to re-organize my books :)
Bluerose said…
One day I hope to read War and Peace, but I imagine it'd end up on my "can't remember anything" list, too! ;)

I was browsing through your resource list, and I was thrilled to find your "Virtual Field Trip" links. :D I didn't know they existed, sadly. I'm thinking my boys and I are going to have some fun with those now.
Michelle F said…
Hi Bluerose! I am so glad my resource page can be of use. I hope you & your boys have fun :)

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