Monday Mingle (July 28)

** What new hobby or skill would you like to learn? **
I have inherited my mom's yarn and crochet hooks.
So, I would love to master crocheting, as she did.
I would love to make doilies, ripple afghans, etc.
I am joining Monday Mingle at Life of Meg.
So what would you like to learn? 
I am also linking up to Wordless Wednesday @
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P!nky said…
I would love to learn to make doilies too!
Michelle F said…
Hi P!nky, I think doilies are so pretty.
Kari said…
I would love to become a master at crochet like my mom, too. I've tried making a scarf, but got a bit bored half way through. Maybe I'll pick it up again for this winter. Hope you're having a great day!
Michelle F said…
Hi Kari, the afghan shown is one of my creations.
I would love to do more than just the granny square.
Victoria said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Crocheting is something i might enjoy and be good at :)
Beckey said…
I like the colors in the afghan! I never made granny squares for the longest time, just didn't like them for some reason. Now, suddenly, I am obsessed with them! Keep at it! It's a great way to keep your hands occupied!
Michelle F said…
Thanks Beckey!

Have a great week...
Michelle F said…
Hi Victoria,

Crocheting can be a lot of fun.

Especially in the cooler weather.

Thank you for the visit and comment luv!
Linda G said…
Definitely would have liked to learn how to dance professionally!
Michelle F said…
Hi Linda,
Dancing can be so beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.
Susan Cook said…
Hi my Grandmother taught me to knit and I know how to crochet somewhat - I'm better at knitting.

I would maybe like to learn quilting someday - my mother is really good at that.

Have a great day :)
All the best with learning how to crochet. Thanks for visiting 1camera1mom and leaving a sweet comment!
Michelle F said…
Hi Christina,

Thank you. Maybe one day my skills will improve. I make afghans from one big granny square then give them away. I have given them to Senior Citizens and our church nursery.
JoyAnne said…
I would love to be able to draw or paint, I don't know if lessons would help. I think you are born with this talent.