Monday Mingle (July 21)

** If you had a $100 to splurge on anything, what would you pick? **
If I had an extra $100 I would splurge on bath products during the 
Semi-Annual sale, and fill my house with good books. 
The above is just a sampling of what I like.
I am joining Monday Mingle at Life of Meg.
So, what would you splurge on?


Oh I always love stocking up at the semi-annual many fantastic deals!
Michelle F said…
I agree..that's the only time I shop
I love those sales! The Body Shop has some pretty grand ones too, I've got so much body wash now but when it's cheap I can't resist!
I'd splurge on a new hair straightener! Mine bit the dust last night when I accidentally knocked it off the counter on to the tile floor.. :(
Cheryl Smith said…
SO thankful you stopped by my blog today and left such sweet encouragement behind. You will NEVER know how much it meant to me! I think if I were to be handed an extra $100 to splurge, I would use it to get a jump-start on Christmas shopping. I know it seems so far away, but it creeps up on us every year, and I always wish I had done it all through the year so it didn't hit us all at once! God bless you, my new friend!
Michelle F said…
Hi Kim, I love those sales.
It's hard to resist those sales.
Michelle F said…
Hi Katie, that's unfortunate.
I hope your able to get a new hair straightener.
Michelle F said…
Hi Cheryl, you are so sweet.
Thank you for stopping by today.
Christmas shopping is a great idea.
It has never worked for us, tho.
I'd splurge on a new pair of shoes!
Mari said…
Tough question! I think I would look for some household things - maybe splurge on some luxurious bath towels. :)
Michelle F said…
Hi Julie, that does sound good.
That would help out with the shoes I buy because of my diabetes.
Michelle F said…
Hi Mari, There are so many great ideas.
Thanks for stopping by.
Susan Cook said…
I didn't know they were having the semi-annual sale - my daughter would want to shop! don't tell her - lol
Michelle F said…
Hi Susan, their last one was in June. I think the next one will be Dec/Jan
Alexis AKA MOM said…
OHHH I would love some builtins to house all the books in our house ;)
Michelle F said…
Hi Alexis, I guess you could say I'm a book-aholic. That might be about 1/4th of what I own. Not counting the ones on my Kindle. I enjoy books, even tho I'll never be able to read them all.
Topaz said…
Oh, wow. This question should not be this tough, but I have been mulling it for a while now. lol I think I would have to say inspirational and motivational books. Books like these can be so life-changing. They are actually a great investment.
Michelle F said…
Hi Topaz, I have a lot of inspirational and motivational books. I love to read them.

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