Review: `Heaven Revealed` by Paul Enns

              As the reader opens the book they will see that Paul and Helen, his wife, love each other with an enduring love. After forty-five years of marriage they still hold hands, blow kisses and wave good-bye as Paul heads to work. One day Paul comes home to find Helen has passed away. Thus begins the reason this book was written.
               I found this book answers several questions I have about heaven. Questions such as: What is heaven like? Will we know one another? I found it interesting to read about the different levels of heaven.
               Paul uses many scripture verses to back up what he believes about heaven. This is a book of triumph reminding us that as Christians we should be looking forward to heaven rather than focusing on this world. This is an encouragement for those of us with loved ones that have preceded us.

Disclaimer: Thanks to C. Grant and Company for sending me two Moody Publishers complimentary copies.


Holly said…
Sounds like a touching and thought provoking read.