Days of Elijah

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That's a new song for me, but I've always liked Twila Paris. Haven't heard any of her more recent ones.
Karen said…
This is one of my favorites. So much Old Testament prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. There's no God like Jehovah- God of Love. There's no book like the Bible that prophesies events in detail before they happen. Blessings to you for 2011
MyJourneyBack said…
Oh a great old song. Thanks for sharing this. And I love the photo illustrations and the verses.
Thanks for sharing this.
Happy New Year.
Lisa notes... said…
We sang this song just last week at my church. Love it. These are the days...
Happy New Year!
jhunnelle said…
Our church back home loves to sing this, one of my faves too!

Happy New Year!
I loved the photos and the scriptures worked perfectly. This was very uplifting. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year! And Happy Sunday!
Shawn Becker said…
I love this song, we sing it frequently at church! Behold He Comes..Yes he is coming!
Thanks for posting this video!
Melinda said…
Love, love, love this song!
Anonymous said…
Love this song! I can't wait to share your blog with my daughter, who is an aspiring writer.

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