`Blind Hope` (by) Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher

               I love reading books about animals and this one is no different. "Blind Hope" captured my heart from cover-to-cover. Laurie is reliving her life through this book.
               The story opens as she dreams of getting the perfect dog. She had her heart set on getting a beautiful tri-colored Australian shepherd mix. Instead the dog she adopts has a dull, tangled coat, is skinny and has bad breath. At first thought, Laurie did not want this dog, but decided to take it so it would not appear that her loving compassion was only a facade.
                As the story develops Laurie shares her search for anything that would fulfill her, anything that would give her life meaning. I could feel for her, as I know how it is to want to fit in but not quite making it. She had been running away from God, trying desperately to "fit in" in this world. Because of the actions of her dog, "Mia", she begins to gain perspective.
                My heart began to sink as I read about the many complications Mia has, from an aggressive form of canine diabetes, to cataracts and blindness.
                There is so much in this story that I could relate to. I was that child who pushed against my parents guidance, testing the limits of my freedom. I even found myself doing that with God. I believe this book is all about trust. Just as Mia solely trusted Laurie, God wants us to solely trust Him.
                 I would recommend this book to anyone who loves animals, or is trying to find their place in life.

You may purchase your copy through WaterbrookMultnomah.com 

Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah for my free review copy.


Holly said…
I thin I would certainly like this book. Great review...it does remind my of my Ranger post and I think some lessons in their for all of us humans too!

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