Evolving In Monkey Town (by) Rachel Held Evans

                Dayton, Tennessee is the home of the Scopes trial as well as Rachel Held Evans. In this book Rachel takes a closer look at what she believes, shedding old ideas and gaining new ones.
                 Rachel begins to ponder whether only born-again Christians go to heaven. She wonders about victims of Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, and Milosevic. She questions whether hell is eternal or if God will destroy it for good. She admits there are some Bible verses she doesn't like (ex. I Timothy 2:12).
                  The reader is reminded of Isaiah 55 where the mystery does not lie in God's unfathomable wrath but in His unfathomable mercy. God's ways are higher than ours because His capacity to love is infinitely greater than our own.
                  She explains to us how some tend to thank God for things such as a new kitchen appliance yet lack the joy Christians should have and how others praise God for food, shelter, health and peace and you can see joy and spiritual connectedness in them.
                    In this book Rachel has questions she is not afraid to ask. She is very honest in her thoughts and I wonder how many Christians may have the same questions. God wants us to be inquisitive about Him.
                   Given the title of the book I thought it would be more about the Scopes trial and the theory of evolution as it effects her society.

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*Zondervan provided me with a free copy of this book to review. 


Liz said…
My teaser is from the first in a series called "The Heavenly Host" series by Cheryl Dellasega. The book is Testings of Devotion and takes a look at the lives of angels -- the good ones fighting against Lucifer and others who have gone to the dark side (so to speak!). Sophia is Senior Servant and has been charged with thwarting Lucifer's plans and help both mortals and angels resist his temptations. (What's interesting is the idea that even in heaven, angels have to guard against these things.) Very readable, very interesting look at good vs evil, spiritual warfare and the life in heaven.

[[Just like mortals, we always have a choice, Sophia. He and his followers have made a bad choice, which makes our job more important than ever. I suspect Lucifer will target both mortals and angels now. Believing that the Almighty Divine is just that—all powerful and supremely good—will help us win this battle.”]]
Faith Imagined said…
Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the review!

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