Who Speaks To Your Heart? (by) Stacy Hawkins Adams

               This is an encouraging paperback full of wisdom. Each chapter ends with a "Learning to listen" segment, where the reader is encouraged to ask God to reveal Himself through His word, the Bible.
               An important point that Stacy shares is the health issues her son had as a newborn and very young child. I too have a son who had health issues when very young, and like Stacy, God spoke to me through the health of my son and the trials we shared.
                I appreciate the Bible verses shared periodically throughout the book. My favorite is Ecclesiates 3:11; "He has made everything beautiful in its time."
               The reader is encouraged to be realistic. God is not as interested in what we can do or what we know as He is our surrender to Him. The reader is also encouraged to take their walk with God to a deeper, more committed level.
               This is an easy to read book, each chapter taking only minutes a day, leaving you with a profound thought to ponder.

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Holly said…
Sounds like a beautiful and inspiring read.

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