An Army Of Ordinary People Review

           In her revised, updated book Felicity Dale writes about authentic people who are driven by the Spirit of God. They are not perfect, but simple, as little children coming to Jesus. These are everyday people who want to make a difference.
            This is a book about "simple" or house churches, where laymen are getting away from the mega-church and meeting and praying together, believing that where two or three are gathered in Jesus name there is a true worship experience.
             Once again I am faced with the fact that I live a status-quo Christian life. Is God trying to tell me something? Is He trying to get my attention? It makes me wonder how many people would come if I opened my home as a simple church? Do I believe in house churches or must I follow the regime of a mega-church?
             Throughout the book there are stories of how different people took the gospel to others. I was especially touched by the story of Josh, who at his funeral several gang members came to Christ, because he lived out the Christian life daily. Josh was someone who cared about the gang members spiritual life, and made an impact in their lives.
             This book is for the reader who wants to get away from the norm, is ready for a radical change, and may be frustrated or uninspired by status-quo Christianity.

**Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


felicity said…
Thank you for reviewing my book, "An Army of Ordinary People." You have captured the heart of the message--that God longs to use each one of us to reach out to those around us who do not yet know him.
Michelle said…
Thank you for such a kind comment.
I really enjoyed reading and reviewing your book.
May you be blessed.