Green Mama (by) Tracey Bianchi

                             Tracey Bianchi begins by admitting how far from green she was, leaving marinara and candy for the ants, broken branches, and toilet paper in her wake, a far cry from the Boy Scout motto of `leave no trace.` Tracey just as quickly tells how she became a green mama. Because she lives in a suburban area her book has a suburban flair; however many of her suggestions can be taken on by urban and rural households as well.
                              Tracey admits she owns a station wagon and only bikes for fun, her kids love fruit snacks with high fructose corn syrup and she highlights her hair. She is admittedly an average girl trying to make a difference in God's green earth.
                              It made me think, when Tracey stated that we are stealing from our children, and their children, when we drive gas-guzzling SUV's, and by taking more than our share of resources. I found myself highlighting ideas throughout the book; such as, on a hot summer day use a clean squirtable ketchup bottle to cool off with.
                             Tracey very eloquently reminds the reader that God created the world and would have us learn how to care for it. In order to help the reader become more eco-friendly Tracey has added what she calls "Green Steps" at the end of each chapter. These "Green Steps" are tips and ideas for your family to try. It's a way to decide what will work and what may not work for your family. I appreciate her honesty of what worked for her and what didn't.
                              Going green may seem like a difficult task, but as Tracey says, "Once you sniff out the scams and lock your loyalty into a few solid companies the green road is wide open, and getting what you need becomes easier."
                             Throughout this book, Tracey does not attempt to make you feel guilty, for what you may or may not be doing, she is simply giving suggestions and states that you should do what works best for your family.
                             This book would be a good addition to the library of a family that is truly interested in becoming better stewards of this creation that God has given us.

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