Friendships for Grownups (by) Lisa Whelchel

                I was delighted by the cover of Lisa Whelchel's newest book. Her bright smiling face gives a warmth to the appearance of the book. This book documents Lisa's journey of letting go and choosing life to the fullest, as she teaches the reader what she has learned.
                Lisa honestly shares her heart through a relationship that soured because of  being too needy, how one friendship could have progressed too far and how God helped her through a breakdown. She proclaims Jesus as having always been her very best friend, how Jesus tore down the wall in her heart and touched her pain with His healing love. I was pleased to find that Lisa had become friends with Jennifer Rothschild, a Bible study author whom I admire.
               The reader will find this an encouraging, easy to read book. Although I had expected this to be a how-to book rather than a story of Lisa's life, I believe this would make a great mentoring book.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."