`Fearless` (by) Max Lucado

        Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in faith instead of fear? In his book "Fearless", Max Lucado, is very transparent with his readers, listing several areas they can be at peace in. Some examples that stood out to me are; fear of disappointing God, Fear of violence and fear of overwhelming challenges. He also lists several sayings of Jesus disputing fear.
         The purpose of Lucados' book is to show the reader how to live in peace not fear. Doing so with an acrostic that spells out PEACEFUL. Prayer, Easy, Act, Compile, Evaluate, Focus, Unleash, Let (God).
          I found it quite challenging to give my children over to God's control and not dictate every move they make. Lucado says it's best to be loyal advocates, stubborn intercessors and take our parenting fears to Christ. Always be mindful that appropriate discipline is an expression of love.
          I would recommend this book for any young adult to adult reader who finds themselves battling fear. The reader will discover that they truly can live a fearless life if they are willing to give their fears to God and pray.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." 

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